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The Adina Reyter brand was founded on the idea that great jewelry brings happiness and joy.  We create beautifully designed fine jewelry meant to be worn and enjoyed everyday for years to come as constant reminders of the good and special moments in our lives.  Adina Reyter creates those forever pieces that both start your fine jewelry collection and also enhance and grow with you throughout your life.  They are timeless pieces that are meant to forever be a part of your fine jewelry collection, telling your story and what is meaningful to you.



Adina Reyter was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.  From an early age, Adina was interested in entrepreneurship and fashion.  Adina’s great grandmother embodied the American dream, fleeing to America as a penniless teenager from Eastern Europe, and working day and night to create a successful knitwear company headquartered in Los Angeles.  Adina watched this business ultimately collapse and her family fall on hard times as a result of the globalization of the fashion industry. 

Adina went on to study politics and economics at the University of California Berkeley.   After college, Adina worked in digital marketing agencies in San Francisco and Los Angeles before launching her jewelry brand from her apartment, based on a single timeless design – the circle necklace.  Staying up nights to fill orders for thousands of necklaces, Adina realized that the key to entrepreneurship is an ironclad work ethic and an optimistic, yet realistic, worldview.

As the Adina Reyter brand has grown over time, Adina focuses on creating a company that delivers quality and value to its employees and customers. 

Adina is a jewelry visionary.  She understands how women live their busy and determined lives and what are the pieces they want to collect and wear daily as reminders of both beautiful fashion and design, as well as what is meaningful to them. It is with great honor that she critically thinks about her customers and her business. 

Adina Reyter lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband, dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon Ilya Reyter and their three children.