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Adina Reyter is a jewelry design and manufacturing company based in Los Angeles, CA.  Founded in 2001 by Adina Reyter, the company has become a leader in creating classic, accessible, everyday fine jewelry.  Adina has always focused on the details of design, and on the ability to simplify life through providing high quality, beautifully designed jewelry that is meant to be worn and enjoyed every day.

Now more than ever we have to make so many daily decisions.  We want quality, thoughtful design from trusted sources, but there is just so much out there to sift through.  Adina Reyter makes gift giving and jewelry buying easy.  Less decision making gives you more time for you to be happy and enjoy your jewelry.  We provide our customers with contemporary, everyday wearable pieces that they feel confident purchasing and cherish for a lifetime.

Each Adina Reyter piece is designed with longevity, wearability and beauty in mind. We believe jewelry should feel good, it should be easy to wear and it should be enjoyed and worn every day.

Adina Reyter’s collection can currently be found on and in department stores and better boutiques throughout the country and internationally.


Adina Reyter was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA.  She grew up in a family knitwear business learning the fundamentals of running a creative enterprise. From a young age she always knew that she wanted to do something entrepreneurial and creative.

Being an active person who goes to work, meets friends, works out, and now runs around with 3 kids  – she realized that she (and many other busy women) needed jewelry that could work day to night.  Nothing complicated, but something thoughtfully designed, fine, lasting and easy to wear.

Adina began to take metal work classes at night while she worked in advertising during the day and very soon her line was born.  One of her first pieces was a sterling silver circle on delicate, simple chain.  She literally could not walk down the street without someone stopping her to inquire about the necklace and where to purchase.  Adina Reyter created a small, understated, classic collection of 14k and sterling silver pieces centered on her signature circle necklace.  It has now been over 15 years, and she still sells many of these pieces today - a testament to the quality and design.

"I believe that happiness is a choice.  It is how I approach design and business. Each piece of jewelry should bring happiness everyday to the person wearing it."  

Adina lives in Los Angeles with her husband and 3 children.