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Bead Party 3s Company NecklaceBead Party 3s Company Necklace
Bead Party Diamond 3s Company NecklaceBead Party Diamond 3s Company Necklace
5 Diamond Chain Necklace5 Diamond Chain Necklace
5 Diamond Chain Necklace Sale price$750.00
Diamond Cluster Half Riviera NecklaceDiamond Cluster Half Riviera Necklace
Round Diamond Half Riviera NecklaceRound Diamond Half Riviera Necklace
Diamond Rounds Riviera NecklaceDiamond Rounds Riviera Necklace
Diamond Rounds Riviera Necklace Sale price$8,398.00
Round Pavé + Baguette Dog TagRound Pavé + Baguette Dog Tag
Round Pavé + Baguette Dog Tag Sale price$1,398.00
Pavé Dog Tag NecklacePavé Dog Tag Necklace
Pavé Dog Tag Necklace Sale price$1,598.00
Bead Chain NecklaceBead Chain Necklace
Bead Chain Necklace Sale price$1,498.00
Finished Small Rolo ChainFinished Small Rolo Chain
Finished Small Rolo Chain Sale price $1,498.00 - $1,898.00
5.3mm Italian Chain Link Necklace5.3mm Italian Chain Link Necklace
5.3mm Italian Chain Link Necklace Sale price From $1,998.00
7mm Italian Chain Link Necklace7mm Italian Chain Link Necklace
7mm Italian Chain Link Necklace Sale price From $2,798.00
Multi Baguette PostsMulti Baguette Posts
Multi Baguette Posts Sale price $499.00 - $998.00
Tiny 2 Diamond Amigos PostsTiny 2 Diamond Amigos Posts
Tiny 2 Diamond Amigos Posts Sale price $299.00 - $598.00
Meghan Markle favorite jewelry 3 diamond amigos earrings in goldMeghan Markle in Adina Reyter 3 diamond amigos earrings
3 Diamond Amigos Curve Posts Sale price $349.00 - $698.00
Scattered Diamond PostsScattered Diamond Posts
Scattered Diamond Posts Sale price $399.00 - $798.00
Diamond Amigos Chain PostsDiamond Amigos Chain Posts
Diamond Amigos Chain Posts Sale price $399.00 - $798.00
Diamond Trio Huggie HoopsDiamond Trio Huggie Hoops
Diamond Trio Huggie Hoops Sale price $798.00
Stack Baguette J HoopsStack Baguette J Hoops
Stack Baguette J Hoops Sale price $649.00 - $1,298.00
Pavé Huggie HoopsPavé Huggie Hoops
Pavé Huggie Hoops Sale price $598.00
15mm Tube Hoops15mm Tube Hoops
15mm Tube Hoops Sale price $398.00
Pavé Ear CuffPavé Ear Cuff
Pavé Ear Cuff Sale price$398.00
Double Wide Pavé Ear CuffDouble Wide Pavé Ear Cuff
Double Wide Pavé Ear Cuff Sale price$598.00
Premier Amigos Diamond Ear CuffPremier Amigos Diamond Ear Cuff
Premier Amigos Diamond Ear Cuff Sale price$1,998.00
Full Stack Baguette Ear CuffFull Stack Baguette Ear Cuff
Full Stack Baguette Ear Cuff Sale price$1,498.00
Diamond Dash Stacking RingDiamond Dash Stacking Ring
Diamond Dash Stacking Ring Sale price$298.00
Bead Chain BraceletBead Chain Bracelet
Bead Chain Bracelet Sale price$698.00
5.3mm Italian Chain Link Bracelet5.3mm Italian Chain Link Bracelet
7mm Italian Chain Link Bracelet7mm Italian Chain Link Bracelet
7mm Italian Chain Link Bracelet Sale price$1,498.00
Teardrop Chain NecklaceTeardrop Chain Necklace
Teardrop Chain Necklace Sale price From $4,998.00
4mm Italian Chain Link Bracelet4mm Italian Chain Link Bracelet
5.3mm Italian Chain Link Necklace in Sterling Silver5.3mm Italian Chain Link Necklace in Sterling Silver