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15 - 16" Necklaces

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Stack Baguette Chain NecklaceStack Baguette Chain Necklace
Multi Baguette NecklaceMulti Baguette Necklace
Multi Baguette Necklace Sale price$698.00
Baguette Horseshoe NecklaceBaguette Horseshoe Necklace
Baguette Horseshoe Necklace Sale price$798.00
Baguette Cross Necklace
Baguette Cross Necklace Sale price$598.00
Baguette Hamsa NecklaceBaguette Hamsa Necklace
Baguette Hamsa Necklace Sale price$998.00
2 Diamond Amigos Necklace2 Diamond Amigos Necklace
2 Diamond Amigos Necklace Sale price$598.00
Scattered Diamond NecklaceScattered Diamond Necklace
Scattered Diamond Necklace Sale price$598.00
Tiny Pavé Dog Tag NecklaceTiny Pavé Dog Tag Necklace
Tiny Pavé Dog Tag Necklace Sale price$650.00
7mm Italian Chain Link Necklace7mm Italian Chain Link Necklace
7mm Italian Chain Link Necklace Sale price From $2,798.00
5.3mm Italian Chain Link Necklace5.3mm Italian Chain Link Necklace
5.3mm Italian Chain Link Necklace Sale price From $1,998.00
Bead Party Diamond 3s Company NecklaceBead Party Diamond 3s Company Necklace
Tiny Pavé Folded Heart NecklaceTiny Pavé Folded Heart Necklace
Super Tiny Pavé Folded Heart Necklace
Solid Pavé Starburst NecklaceSolid Pavé Starburst Necklace
Tiny Pavé Evil Eye NecklaceTiny Pavé Evil Eye Necklace
Tiny Pavé Evil Eye Necklace Sale price$698.00
Pavé Horseshoe NecklacePavé Horseshoe Necklace
Pavé Horseshoe Necklace Sale price$498.00
Single Diamond NecklaceSingle Diamond Necklace
Single Diamond Necklace Sale price$498.00
Pavé Bar NecklacePavé Bar Necklace
Pavé Bar Necklace Sale price$350.00
Super Tiny Pavé Bar NecklaceSuper Tiny Pavé Bar Necklace
Tiny Pavé V NecklaceTiny Pavé V Necklace
Tiny Pavé V Necklace Sale price$398.00
Large Pavé V NecklaceLarge Pavé V Necklace
Large Pavé V Necklace Sale price$698.00
Large Pavé Curve NecklaceLarge Pavé Curve Necklace
Large Pavé Curve Necklace Sale price$450.00
Solid Pavé Disc NecklaceSolid Pavé Disc Necklace
Solid Pavé Disc Necklace Sale price$498.00
Bead Chain NecklaceBead Chain Necklace
Bead Chain Necklace Sale price$1,498.00
Ombre Bead Chain NecklaceOmbre Bead Chain Necklace
Ombre Bead Chain Necklace Sale price$1,698.00
Stack Baguette Half Riviera NecklaceStack Baguette Half Riviera Necklace
Diamond Cluster Half Riviera NecklaceDiamond Cluster Half Riviera Necklace
Bead Party 3s Company NecklaceBead Party 3s Company Necklace
5 Cluster Chain Necklace5 Cluster Chain Necklace
5 Cluster Chain Necklace Sale price$998.00
14k Gold Signature Cable Chain14k Gold Signature Cable Chain
14k Gold Signature Cable Chain Sale price $150.00 - $175.00
Sterling Silver Standard Cable ChainSterling Silver Standard Cable Chain
Sterling Silver Standard Cable Chain Sale price $30.00 - $35.00
Bead Party Carnival NecklaceBead Party Carnival Necklace
Bead Party Carnival Necklace Sale price $225.00 - $395.00
Turquoise + Diamond Half Riviera NecklaceTurquoise + Diamond Half Riviera Necklace
5 Diamond Chain Necklace5 Diamond Chain Necklace
5 Diamond Chain Necklace Sale price$750.00
Round Diamond Half Riviera NecklaceRound Diamond Half Riviera Necklace
Bead Party Pool Party Necklace
14k Gold Medium Cable Chain14k Gold Medium Cable Chain
14k Gold Medium Cable Chain Sale price $275.00 - $450.00
Diana Sapphire + Diamond Rounds Half Riviera NecklaceDiana Sapphire + Diamond Rounds Half Riviera Necklace
Paris Graduated Diamond Curve NecklaceParis Graduated Diamond Curve Necklace
Diamond Rounds Chain NecklaceDiamond Rounds Chain Necklace
14k Gold Standard Cable Chain14k Gold Standard Cable Chain
14k Gold Standard Cable Chain Sale price $175.00 - $198.00
Finished Small Rolo ChainFinished Small Rolo Chain
Finished Small Rolo Chain Sale price $1,498.00 - $1,898.00
Enchanted Diamond Butterfly NecklaceEnchanted Diamond Butterfly Necklace
Finished Small Curb ChainFinished Small Curb Chain
Finished Small Curb Chain Sale price From $598.00
Groovy Diamond Star of David Necklace
Groovy Diamond Cross Necklace
Diamond Rounds Riviera NecklaceDiamond Rounds Riviera Necklace
Diamond Rounds Riviera Necklace Sale price $7,998.00 - $8,398.00
Bead Party Diamond Rager NecklaceBead Party Diamond Rager Necklace