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Wide Pavé Big Bead Half Riviera

14k yellow gold half riviera necklace with prong-set diamonds 1 wide big bead in diamond, ruby, or sapphire.

Diamonds in Riviera each measure 1.75mm. Adjustable 14-15-16” length.

14k yellow gold big bead measures approximately 12mm by 8mm with a 4mm by 7mm opening. 

- Diamond Half Riviera: Total Diamond Carat Weight: 1 ct.

- Diamond Big Bead: Total diamond carat weight: 1.03 ct.

- Ruby Big Bead: Total diamond carat weight: 0.33 ct. / Total ruby weight: 0.33 gtc.

- Sapphire Big Bead: Total diamond carat weight: 0.33 ct. / Total sapphire weight: 0.33 gtc.

Wear it your way on a rivieracurb chain, or rolo chain and add more beads and charms!

We recommend a maximum of 5 beads for the rolo and riviera/3 beads for the curb chain.

Type: Necklaces