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My great grandmother had the idea to start a knitwear business shortly after coming to this country. If she could come to this country barely speaking English and start a family business, I could too. The immigrant story was a huge part of my childhood that would shape my future.

The knitwear business was named for her two sons - my grandfather (Leon, who went by Larry) and great uncle (Roy) – she was a tough, determined woman with vision, who wanted to create something of value that her sons could build and run.

My grandfather's personality was larger than life. He always had a dirty joke to tell, and was always hustling. I don't think I realized at the time how much I would learn just from being in his presence.

This is where it all started. I was designer, sales, packing and shipping. You learn really quickly when you have to! Best way to learn is by doing - just do it.

My booth may have evolved over the years, but the feeling of selling a product you believe in so strongly is still my biggest motivator.

After college I worked in advertising full time, and I worked at night on launching Adina Reyter. My first order was from a nail salon with a jewelry case in Beverly Hills. My first customer was Demi Moore. She was photographed wearing my signature pieces in InStyle Magazine. My business is now very real.

Now this was fun! An iconic piece, on an iconic actress, on one of the most famous shows on television. It was clearly visible that we were on to something — fine jewelry that women could purchase and wear all day, everyday!