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Chunky Tube Band Ring in Sterling SilverChunky Tube Band Ring in Sterling Silver
Enchanted Diamond Mushroom PostsEnchanted Diamond Mushroom Posts
Enchanted Diamond Mushroom Posts Sale price $249.00 - $498.00
Groovy Diamond Cross Necklace
Groovy Diamond Star of David Necklace
Groovy Diamond Cross PostsGroovy Diamond Cross Posts
Groovy Diamond Cross Posts Sale price $249.00 - $498.00
Groovy Diamond Star of David PostsGroovy Diamond Star of David Posts
Groovy Diamond Star of David Posts Sale price $299.00 - $598.00
Single Diamond NecklaceSingle Diamond Necklace
Single Diamond Necklace Sale price$498.00
5 Diamond Chain Necklace5 Diamond Chain Necklace
5 Diamond Chain Necklace Sale price$750.00
Tiny Pavé Folded Heart NecklaceTiny Pavé Folded Heart Necklace
Super Tiny Pavé Folded Heart Necklace
Tiny Pavé Folded Heart PostsTiny Pavé Folded Heart Posts
Tiny Pavé Folded Heart Posts Sale price $349.00 - $698.00
Tiny Pavé Folded Heart BraceletTiny Pavé Folded Heart Bracelet
Finished Small Curb ChainFinished Small Curb Chain
Finished Small Curb Chain Sale price From $598.00
Finished Small Curb Chain in Sterling SilverFinished Small Curb Chain in Sterling Silver
Bead Chain NecklaceBead Chain Necklace
Bead Chain Necklace Sale price$1,498.00
Bead Chain Necklace in Sterling SilverBead Chain Necklace in Sterling Silver
Ombre Bead Chain NecklaceOmbre Bead Chain Necklace
Ombre Bead Chain Necklace Sale price$1,698.00
Bead Chain BraceletBead Chain Bracelet
Bead Chain Bracelet Sale price$698.00
Bead Chain Bracelet in Sterling SilverBead Chain Bracelet in Sterling Silver
Ombre Bead Chain BraceletOmbre Bead Chain Bracelet
Ombre Bead Chain Bracelet Sale price$750.00
Pavé Huggie HoopsPavé Huggie Hoops
Pavé Huggie Hoops Sale price $598.00
Pavé Huggie Hoops in Sterling SilverPavé Huggie Hoops in Sterling Silver
Huggie HoopsHuggie Hoops
Huggie Hoops Sale price $199.00 - $398.00
Double Wide Pavé Ear CuffDouble Wide Pavé Ear Cuff
Double Wide Pavé Ear Cuff Sale price$598.00
Pavé Ear CuffPavé Ear Cuff
Pavé Ear Cuff Sale price$398.00
3 Diamond Fringe Posts3 Diamond Fringe Posts
3 Diamond Fringe Posts Sale price $249.00 - $498.00
Pave Horsebit BraceletPave Horsebit Bracelet
Pave Horsebit Bracelet Sale price$598.00
Tiny Pavé Evil Eye NecklaceTiny Pavé Evil Eye Necklace
Tiny Pavé Evil Eye Necklace Sale price$698.00
Tiny Pavé Evil Eye Necklace in Sterling Silver
Baguette Evil Eye Signet RingBaguette Evil Eye Signet Ring
Baguette Evil Eye Signet Ring Sale price$1,398.00
Tiny Pavé Lightning Bolt PostsTiny Pavé Lightning Bolt Posts
Tiny Pavé Lightning Bolt Posts Sale price $249.00 - $498.00
Meghan Markle favorite jewelry teardrop necklaceMeghan Markle in Adina Reyter teardrop necklace
Solid Pavé Disc NecklaceSolid Pavé Disc Necklace
Solid Pavé Disc Necklace Sale price$498.00
Solid Pavé Disc Necklace in Sterling Silver
Chunky Twisted Black Silk Cord NecklaceChunky Twisted Black Silk Cord Necklace
Solid Pavé Disc PostsSolid Pavé Disc Posts
Solid Pavé Disc Posts Sale price $550.00
Solid Pavé Disc Posts in Sterling Silver
Baguette Cross Necklace
Baguette Cross Necklace Sale price$598.00
Baguette Cross PostsBaguette Cross Posts
Baguette Cross Posts Sale price $249.00 - $498.00
Pavé Bar NecklacePavé Bar Necklace
Pavé Bar Necklace Sale price$350.00
Pavé Bar Necklace in Sterling SilverPavé Bar Necklace in Sterling Silver
Super Tiny Pavé Bar NecklaceSuper Tiny Pavé Bar Necklace
Pavé Bar PostsPavé Bar Posts
Pavé Bar Posts Sale price $187.50 - $375.00
Tiny Pavé V NecklaceTiny Pavé V Necklace
Tiny Pavé V Necklace Sale price$398.00
Large Pavé V NecklaceLarge Pavé V Necklace
Large Pavé V Necklace Sale price$698.00
Large Pavé Curve NecklaceLarge Pavé Curve Necklace
Large Pavé Curve Necklace Sale price$450.00
Pavé Curve CollarPavé Curve Collar
Pavé Curve Collar Sale price$798.00
Meghan Markle favorite jewelry large pave curve wing in goldMeghan Markle favorite jewelry large pave curve wing in gold
Large Pavé Curve Wings Sale price $349.00 - $698.00